It's More Than Just

Girls 4-8

It is never suggested for contestants to do any type of "routine" modeling with the "duck" face or other glitz moves. Waiving or blowing a kiss is fine.

Hands on hips are allowed (personal choice). Remember they need to project personality.

One parent per contestant is permitted if the child is shy or uncomfortable.


Attire can have stones, sequins, etc.
Short or long gowns are permitted just make sure they can walk easily in a gown. It is highly suggested to wear a long gown. Long dresses should barely graze the floor and at no time should you see the foot, ankle, or whole shoe when wearing a long dress.
Socks and shoes are personal preference but it is suggested to not wear black shoes for beauty.


All AmeriFest pageants are natural pageants. The criteria is listed below. 
If you have questions call or text 
859-625-8490 or email or 

When space is permitted, only ONE person allowed in dressing room. NO MEN! If you have a hair & makeup team they may be required to get a H&M lanyard to style in the dressing area.

***On pageant day, unless otherwise specified on entry forms, if for any reason you do not have a certified original copy of a birth certificate on hand you may very well lose your title on the spot.may very well lose your title on the spot.

If there is poor sportsmanship by a parent, contestant, or family member, not only do you set a bad example, but the contestant could be relinquished of title and all prizes. This includes behavior in the dressing area, in the ballroom, back stage, inside or outside the facility.

All scoresheets and comments are emailed within 14 days of the pageant.



Light makeup may be worn. 
Light powder, lip gloss, clear or light mascara, light blush.

Hair pieces are strictly prohibited, this includes pony or hair clip in extensions.

Spray tans are strictly prohibited. Tan lotions, such as Jergens is allowed.

Fake nails or gel nails are permitted if they are a very short, natural length. A clear or light polish only.