What is AmeriFest? AmeriFest National Pageants is a faith-based pageant system that strives to connect and promote state festival, fair, and community service driven pageants from all over the country. We celebrate all forms of beauty as we showcase your service to your community. Tennessee Festivals is an official State Preliminary for AmeriFest National Pageant.

Who can compete? We welcome women of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and sizes! We want to show the world how you are More Than Just a beauty queen! We also welcome boys ages 0-12 to strut their stuff on our state stage!

What is the difference between an age division and an age session? Age division refers to the group the contestant will appear before the judges in group competition for side awards. A division queen and court will be crowned from this group (example: ages 13 will have a queen and court, age 14 will have a queen and court, and age 15 will have a queen and court). Age session refers to the entire group of contestants from which the Grand Supreme queen and court will be crowned (example: 1 overall Grand Supreme, Mini Supreme, etc. will be crowned in the age session of ages 13-15, in addition to the division queens). ​

What is the style of modeling and interview? We celebrate natural beauty, and love showcasing gorgeous outfits in a fun, upbeat walking style on our stage. Private interviews for girls ages 9 and up are conducted in 2-3 minutes with a panel of 3 judges, who will also judge the contestants on stage. Girls ages 9 and up will be asked an on stage question before exiting the stage during evening gown/beauty competition. On stage questions are available on the Info & Forms page. 

What is the Parade of Contestants? The Parade of Contestants is the opening number for the state pageant. Contestants will parade in a single file line from back stage to the front of the stage, where they will exit to begin changing for evening gown. This is not judged. Contestants aged 4 and up will say only their name, contestant number and the city in which they reside. For example, "I am Jane Doe, contestant number 1 from Nashville." Attire will be the official state shirt, black pants or black skirt, and shoes/accessories of choice. Contestant number must also be worn.

Are there any restrictions for competition attire/appearance? Please no fake tans, fake hair, false eyelashes or flipper on ages 12 and under. 

What prizes are awarded for each category? View the prize list by clicking HERE.

What is the photo package the Grand Supremes win? A Grand Supreme in each age session will receive a $1,200 photo package courtesy of Cook Studio! Please visit www.cookstudioky.com after the state pageant to book.

How many items have been donated by the Charity Supreme award? All Charity Supreme items are donated to various nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Tennessee. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 we collected tens of thousands of Bibles and blankets for women's shelters! In 2018, we collected 2,097 items of  socks, gloves, shirts, deodorant and soap for homeless veterans! In 2019, we collected over 18,000 toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for homeless ministries!

DISCLOSURE: Judges decisions are final. Any title may be relinquished if the national office conclude that a contestant has abused, misused or misrepresented AmeriFest or State Festival Associations. Grounds for termination include, but are not limited to: seen drinking or doing drugs in their title sash, in clubs or other facilities where it is not viewed in a positive light or sets a good example, seen on social media with nudity or profanity. All contestants and winners must hold themselves to a high moral standard and set an example for the younger contestants and represent their title with class and dignity. If the Grand Supreme National Titleholder were to win another title during their reign that permitted them from representing AmeriFest or their respective state title, the title and all responsibilities and appearances, including the crowning of her successor and scholarship/savings bond prizes, will be handed down to the next highest score behind her beginning with the Mini Supreme. We do not prohibit contestants from competing in other pageants during their reign, however if the AmeriFest titleholder were to win another title or have another obligation that prohibits him/her from carrying out his/her duties, then grounds for termination will apply. If any Preteen, Teen, or Miss winner becomes pregnant during her reign, all titles and responsibilities would be handed down to the Mini Supreme, and so on. This does not apply to Ms., Mrs., or Modern

Woman divisions.

AmeriFest LLC Policies and Procedures
* No refunds are given at any time on deposits, ads, or payments
* If an event is rescheduled for any unforeseen circumstance all payments will forward to the new date
* Any deposits or fees paid towards your entry are non transferrable to another contestant
* If for any reason an event is changed to a new date, the original age division will remain (e.g. If you're in Little Miss on the original date, you would also be in Little Miss for the new date regardless if there was a birthday between event dates).
* Any photos submitted to the state and national offices may be used in future advertisings, including social media. By submitting these photos you agree that you have the copyright to these photos and give permission fo AmeriFest to use these photos for pageant promotional purposes.
* At NO time does AmeriFest share your personal contact information with any third party. We protect your contact information.
* All pageant judges decisions are final and shall be respected.
* Any poor sportsmanship of ANY kind will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification including any titles won or prizes awarded.
* All queens must attend the following year to give up their title.

Rules and Competition Criteria

Opening Number Outfit Examples


Official Photo Sponsor: Cook Studio

All AmeriFest pageants are natural pageants. The criteria is listed below. 
If you have questions call or text 
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*** All rules apply for preliminary and state pageants! ***

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