It's More Than Just

There are many ways you can put ads together. Click here to see some examples of ads. They can be full pages, 1/2 pages, 1/4 pages or Business Cards. You can even make full pages out of selling enough smaller size pages to equal one full page!

There must be an "ad invoice" submitted with ad pages you sell and mail in (these are not needed for online submissions). Emailed versions of ad pages are not accepted. We must receive prints of your ads via mail. This will ensure everyone's ad will appear exactly as they wish!

State pageant raffle prize is a $100 WalMart gift card. Every ticket sold counts as $1 towards your registration fees! Please print as many as needed. Please turn tickets in at registration.

Click on the buttons to download.

Everyone MUST turn in a copy of the printable registration form pages 2 (contestant information page) & 3 (optional categories chosen to enter in). These are used by the office, judges, and the emcee. Forms can be mailed in or submitted online. If you wish to submit online, please submit forms HERE or go to the Submissions & Payments tab.

Items will be brought to registration where a designated person will record quantity. One winner per session wins a trip, crown, and qualifies for Nationals.